What is SPCXL?

SPCXL is a widely used Excel add-in macro software package from Sigma Zone intended for Six Sigma practitioners. It includes a wide variety of statistical tools, control charts and problem solving tools.

In a Six Sigma-focused company, some employees will need specialized software to help them do data analysis. This is one of them, well designed, and robust and far less expensive than some alternatives.

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SPCXL Software Training Program Details

  • Pre-Requisites +

    You must understand the basic statistics that the package tools are for. We will teach you how to use the software efficiently but if you don't already know what the tools are for, this isn't for you. This is a 2-day course, not enough time to teach you statistics and the software. We will also compare this package's capabilities with those native to Excel.

  • What You'll Learn +

    - Probability Distributions

    - Analysis Diagrams

    - Confidence Interval Calculators

    - Sample Size Calculators

    - Correlation Analysis

    - Regression Analysis

    - ANOVA

    - Hypothesis Testing

    - Measurement Systems Analysis

    - Control Charts

    - Other program features and options


  • Course Logistics +

    Classroom delivered (by appointment only for groups or companies)

    - Two consecutive days, 8:30 AM - 5 PM each day

    - No examination

    Personal Tutor (flexible and always available. Click here for more details
    Web delivered (It will specify web delivered on the calendar page if this is the method. We seldom schedule public enrollment classes this way, only when a big enough group requests it.)

    - Four 3 hr live instructor-led webinars

    - Must use high speed internet connection

    - Student responsible for long distance phone charges

    - The dates and times for the sessions will be posted when a webinar class is scheduled and vary from course to course. Please read the WEBINAR class information. 


  • Other +

    - You will need a PC, a fairly current version of Excel and a current version of SPCXL software for this class. You can download and use their trial package if you aren't ready to purchase it.

    - Attendance certificates provided for professional re-certification needs.

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