This course is a whopper at a great price. It includes:

  1. Our standard PMP review course for experienced project managers who plan to sit for their PMP exam. We do not administer that exam, it needs to be taken from the Project Management Institute (PMI). This is a long, hard exam and most successful test takers engage in a significant study effort immediately prior to taking the test. A review course like this with other test takers is a popular way to prepare for the test. We have a new format for this class.
  2. Project Management Case Study
  3. Conflict Management for Project Managers
  4. Motivation Techniques for Project Managers
  5. Team Building and Leadership for Project Managers
  6. Effective Communications for Project Managers
  7. Six Sigma Green Belt certification course
  8. Lean Enterprise Green Belt certification course

This course is only available in our Personal Tutor format. The PMP portion is based on the fifth edition PMBOK.

This course is a combination of our PMP Exam Review course, additional project management topics, our Six Sigma Green Belt, and our Lean Green Belt course all in one.

It is self-paced with unlimited live coaching sessions that you schedule! Start any time.  You will need to purchase a commercial manual for about $75, have a copy of the latest PMBOK and buy two printed manuals from Staples for about $30 in addition to the course tuition.

Phone coaching available for 20 weeks for the project management portion and 10 additional weeks each for the Six Sigma and Lean portions.  We suggest you budget your time to finish the course in three months or less. 


Event Date Start any time
Individual Price $2,300.00
Location Everywhere

PMP Exam Review Plus Program Details

  • Pre-Requisites +

    - You should be an experienced project manager

    - Currently own and have read the PMBOK, from PMI, or get it and read it as part of the course.

    - You should have held a position as a project team leader or team member.


  • What You'll Learn +

    - Review of PMBOK content

    - Coached through PMP testing techniques

    - Review of requirements to become a PMP

    - Review how to enroll

    - Practice, practice, practice

    - All the special topics listed above

    - Our complete Six Sigma Green Belt certification course (explained here)

    - Our complete Lean Enterprise Belt certification course (explained here)


  • Course Logistics +

    - Personal Tutor format training consisting of guided self-study with homework and exercises and unlimited live telephone consulting as required with a highly experienced PMP trainer, a Lean trainer and a Six Sigma trainer.

    - You are in control of the schedule and can study any day of the week, day or night, but we highly recommend that you create a schedule and plan to complete all material within three months.

    - No travel required since all instruction tutoring will be via phone (or webinar if needed).

    - Lots of practice.

    - You will need to purchase a study guide (about $50) that we specify and will receive other course material via email.

    - You will need to pick up printed Six Sigma and Lean manuals at your local Staples store.

    - Make arrangements with PMI directly to take the PMP exam in a proctored location. We will administer the Lean and Six Sigma exams.


  • Other +

    - Attendance certificates provided for professional re-certification needs.

    - Qualifies for 126 PMI contact-hours as long as you do all the required work.


    Note: This class is also available in a 3 week physical classroom format for in-house purchase. Contact us if your company would like an in-house course for a group of employees.

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