Minitab Statistics and Six Sigma Software

This is a skill building course designed for Six Sigma Black Belts, strong Green Belts or others who have significant experience with statistics or Six Sigma and who would like to know how to use Minitab. They are one of the industry leading software packages for this field. This class is the equivalent of three days long but will be taught as a series of six, on-line webinars, totaling 15 hours. Despite it's formidable power and scope, it's hard to use and has an awkward user interface so is often difficult to learn without some sort of help.

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Minitab Fundamentals Program Details

  • Pre-Requisites +

    - You should already have a working knowledge of the statistics topics covered in this course. We will primarily show you how to use the software, not explain what the statistics concepts mean to beginners. A very brief review of each statistics topic will precede each section.

    - Students need to have access to a high speed internet connection (DSL or Cable) and simultaneous phone line.

    - Students need to install and have ready to go their own copy of Minitab-14 or the free, 30-day demo which is downloadable from the Minitab site. The software may be purchased by us but must be done so at least 21 days prior to class.

    - Students must have a telephone available for each webinar and telephone style headset and be able to connect to each webinar from a quiet environment (no barking dogs, chattering birds, crying children, ringing phones, etc.)


  • What You'll Learn +

    - Overview of the product and how to navigate it's features

    - Confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, t-tests, etc.

    - Regression

    - Analysis of Variance

    - Gage R&R

    - Histograms and Pareto Charts

    - Control Charts

    - Capability calculations

    - Uses of various distributions

    - Factorial DOE


  • Course Logistics +

    - Six on-line webinars. 9-12 AM - 1-3 PM each day.

    - No exam but lots of practice

    - If you miss a session there are no make-up sessions.

     - Please read the WEBINAR class information.

  • Other +

    - Attendance certificates are provided for professional re-certification needs. Good for re-certification credits from PMI, PE, CPE, etc.

    - All students must attend a 15 - 30 minute webinar training session prior to the start of the course to verify that they can connect, see, hear, talk and navigate those tools and that their equipment all works, unless they have attended a prior webinar.


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