Employers can join Value-Train's sponsor program.  Sponsors are companies who provide project opportunities for our Black Belt students who are in-transition.  All Black Belt students need to complete a working project in order to become certified.  Our program is designed primarily to serve the needs of professionals in transition who often don't have access to projects.

Sponsors get a problem of significance studied by a seasoned professional and with the support of fellow students and highly experienced faculty advisors, with a project that points to solutions at virtually no cost to you so You WIN!

Students get the project experience they need in order to complete this demanding program.  The work is always interesting and challenging and provides a break from the tedium of job search and useful additional career experience so They WIN!

That marriage allows us to find enough students to hold our classes so  We WIN!

It's not often in life that real solutions provide a better situation for everyone involved.

Some of our project sponsors have been:

  • A major communications company
  • A switchgear manufacturer
  • A trucking company
  • An instrument manufacturer
  • A major US City IT department
  • A major bank
  • A floor mat manufacturer
  • A medical service company
  • An engineering company
  • A major airline
  • A medical products manufacturing company
  • A food distribution company
  • A national training company
  • A hazardous waste disposal company

If you are an employer and would like to know more about our limited Black Belt student project, Email or call Value-Train more information.

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