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  • "Make real, solid, sweeping changes to the way you do business." +

    Stop managing the number of muffins served at your meetings and make real, solid, sweeping changes to the way you do business. Cutting costs is the equivalent of sales harvesting the low hanging fruit, it only takes you so far and then you hit the wall. In a conversational, easy to digest manner, Bill and Peter deliver the tools you need to dig below the surface and get to the root of efficiency matters so that your organization can both survive and thrive in the coming years.

    Connie Siewert, Business Development Manager, IBM

  • "An excellent read." +

    An excellent read. This book takes you through 6 sigma from start to finish. Whether you are a seasoned stats geek or senior leader looking to save money, improve processes and eliminate waste, this book provides all you need to begin.

    Tim Martin, PhD, Senior Manager, Defense Information Systems Agency

  • "A thorough yet manageable treatise on virtually all the popular methods for improvement." +

    As a senior technology leader, I’ve often struggled to explain my thoughts about how we might improve the business using process improvement approaches that originally found favor in the world of manufacturing. Lean Six Sigma Secrets for the CIO sets up the conversation that many of us have had or would like to have with the most senior leaders in our business. It poses the questions, identifies the paradox and sets the scene for proposing a new way of thinking about change. This book provides a thorough yet manageable treatise on virtually all the popular methods for improvement from the well known to the obscure and brings each one back to a common point of comparison with LEAN and Six Sigma. It also provides a wonderful framework for understanding Lean Six Sigma as a combination of two related but different approaches that meld into a powerful approach for problem analysis and solving. The most useful aspect of this book is that it combines education on many aspects of the business improvement dilemma we all face with practical suggestions for how to use powerful techniques for addressing the problem. The authors don’t presume to know it all, but they definitely demonstrate exceptional insight into the situation most businesses find themselves in today and offer easy to understand guidance for how to think about changing the playing field by using a different approach to the challenges.

    Tom Guthrie, Former VP of IT Operations and currently VP of Enterprise Architecture, Cox Communications, Atlanta, GA

  • "A great overview and collection." +

    A great overview and collection of much needed concepts, put into proper Six Sigma and LEAN perspective for the twenty first century CIO.

    Bjarke Ormstrup, Director of IT, Acting CIO, PBD WOrldwide Fulfillment Services

  • "A book to read through once and reference many times." +

    Bentley and Davis bring all the tools and techniques together for CIOs who want to utilize disciplined approaches toward improving IT value for their business and customers. Eliminating defects and waste in IT is explained; and specific real-world projects are explored. A book to read through once and reference many times along the journey to value-added IT. A practical synthesis of lean and six sigma.

    Don Curt, Managing Partner, CIO Services, LLC, former Divisional CIO General Electric Company and CIO Exide Technologies

  • "Executives in every area need this book on their 'must read' list." +

    CIOs of course, but executives in every functional area need this book on their "must read" list - practical advice for painlessly developing process acumen! Who would think that both Monty Python and Alchemists would appear in the pages of a process handbook? With humor and insight, Bentley and Davis reveal the business benefits of process management with easy to understand explanations and examples. A must have on every CIO's bookshelf! Lean Six Sigma for the CIO should be on the required reading list for every computer science curriculum - it's like an extreme edition of the Cliff Notes for every process book ever written.

    Sandra C. Hofmann, CIO-in-Residence; ATDC

  • "Bill and Peter have written a comprehensive introduction to the subject." +

    Business people are increasingly realizing the power and value of lean and six sigma for every aspect of businesses, and IT departments must understand what this means to their internal customers. Bill and Peter have written a comprehensive introduction to the subject in a way that is tuned to the needs of the IT department and its managers. With this guide they can play a more valuable role in helping their companies reduce waste, cost, and lead times outside the IT department, as well as within it.

    Michael J. Webb, President, Sales Performance Consultants, Inc.

  • "A highly educational and entertaining book that I would strongly recommend." +

    Extremely thorough account of everything a CIO needs to know about Lean Six Sigma and then some. An excellent one-stop shopping source which lays out clearly and precisely the concepts, approaches, understanding, etc. of what Lean Six Sigma is all about. Plenty has certainly been written about Lean Six Sigma these past few years, but Mr. Bentley takes aim strictly from an IT perspective with real life examples from the world of IT. The result: a highly educational and entertaining book that I would strongly recommend to anyone in IT looking to better understand the concepts of Lean Six Sigma!


  • "This is sure to be an asset for CIOs." +

    Having used Bill Bentley’s courses to establish a Six Sigma program at DHL during a critical integration of multiple concurrent acquisitions, I had high expectations for this book. Successfully presenting Lean Six Sigma concepts in a tangible and useful format, this is sure to be an asset for CIOs seeking to provide validated measurable impact in today’s ever demanding business environments.

    Doreen Galli, Ph.D., Former CIO & CTO DHL Mail & Dell IT Executive

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