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  • New Statistics Capability +

    Value-Train has some new capabilities!

    I recently completed a Masters in Applied Statistics along with a series of certifications in several advanced statistics topics to climb up the big data ladder.  We have also partnered with three new groups of statisticians.


    • A statistics consulting group with about 50 employees
    • An advanced statistics training and consulting company whose boot camps we are reselling in partnership with them
    • A set of individual very experienced statisticians who are on-call for project work.  

    With this new group of resources we are:

    • Selling 4-8 week R boot camps
    • Selling 4-8 week Python boot camps
    • Re-organizing our website to highlight statistics consulting
    • Note that we still love process improvement and that is staying around, both our consulting and training courses
    • Seeking and doing various data analytics consulting projects

    If you want to know more, just contact us.

    Bill Bentley

  • Veteran Owned Business +

    We are now a Veteran Owned Business

    We always were but the VA made it official in late January 2017.   We started this process of getting this designation about ten years ago.   The wheels of government grind slowly.   Unfortulately we have to re-apply every two years.  Let's hope that the renewal process is 100 times faster!


    Bill Bentley



  • Personal Tutored Classes +

    Our Personal Tutored course format courses are rising in popularity as people get used to the idea and flexibility.  We can now do all Six Sigma and Lean Green Belt, Black Belt and PMP training in this flexible format with team exercises which can be done via webinar or in a virtual world as you prefer.


  • Webinar Classes +

    Live, webinar delivered classes are held occasionally.  You can attend from anyplace in the world, the class is live, instructor led, no commuting necessary, and no need to miss a day of work if it's on the weekend, some of them are.   If you want a live class but we don't have one scheduled in your city, contact us and we'll schedule a live webinar delivered class for you.  You'll find these classes in our course calendar when they are on our schedule.

  • PMP Prep +

    PMP Prep classes are available as a Personal Tutor class with 35 contact hours.  Check out our great price on the calendar!  Don't let the price fool you.  You'll find similar courses for ten times our price.   You don't always get what you pay for.  We are very efficient and focused on delivering low priced training.  We don't sacrifice content or instructor quality to do it.  

    Live instructor available on demand for companies or groups that want a more traditionally delivered course in a classroom.  Call or email for pricing.    Also a good deal.

    We have a 100% pass rate so far.  Please don't be the one who makes me have to re-write this!  

  • Job Seeker Webinar +

    Look here!

    We have a live web presentation for job seekers which shows you how to increase your odds of landing an interview using the techniques we teach in our courses.  This describes a data-based to a portion of the job search as if it were a business process.  The intent is to offer a different perspective on how to find jobs using the very skills that we use to improve business processes.   It will make you think and It's FREE!  

    We give this webinar live periodically and dates will be posted on the course calendar as though it were a class.   We've recorded the webinar so there is also a link to the recording on the calendar as well.  You can see that anytime.

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