Value-Train is pleased to announce..... We are now an authorized Training Provider for all Atlanta area counties as well as in most Massachusetts counties.

Job seekers in  Atlanta area counties that are served by the Atlanta Regional Commission and all Massachusetts, who qualify for WIA funding, now have a choice of training providers for their Black Belt and maybe Green Belt and other training.

With this program, certain job seekers may be eligible for training reimbursement under a provision of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) program. Residents of these  counties should contact their local county Department of Labor career center for information. This program is intended to help people return to the workforce and as such, training is not their #1 priority, it is their last priority, after all other avenues have been used. Please do not contact them looking for a quick training dollar. That won't happen.

The provision of the Fulton County program that permits payment of Six Sigma Black Belt training is their Pre-Vocational Intensive Service (PVIS).  Green Belt training may no longer be covered by any WIA program in Georgia but Black Belt training is under certain conditions.

Please contact your counselor at the your county office of Workforce Development for further details.  Note that if you search their web site for approved WIA providers, you will not find Value-Train listed there.  We still don't quite understand why that is, something about how the PVIS program works, but we are acceptable providers just the same if you meet their conditions.

If you have an interest in our program and you are pursuing WIA funding, please mention it to your county career center counselor.  They might not know about us since we are new in their system, so you may have to request that they do some research.  Thanks!

Bill Bentley, Value-Train

Please note that acceptance by the WIA program is not equivalent to being admitted into our Black Belt program.  You also need to apply and be accepted by us before the class is full.  We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone who in our opinion, does not have the background to be successful at the program.  Admitted students who are obtaining WIA funding will be responsible for any program costs not covered by the WIA program.

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