All of our courses can be taught at your facility or locally for your employees. Simply contact us for details. Our prices are reasonable and our service excellent. In general we need 6 weeks or more lead time to do an in-house course but ask anyway if you need one faster than that and we might be able to help.

We will also develop custom courses for your company's needs as long as it is within the scope of what we know and are good at. Just ask if you need a custom course quotation. The more details you know about what you need the better we can respond. If you know you need training but aren't sure of what you need, hire us to visit and do an assessment so we can write a specification for you. You may then use that specification to solicit competitive bids for the course or simply negotiate it with us.

We have done in-house training for a large number of major corporations in all sorts of industries. Process Improvement is industry agnostic so the principles apply everywhere. If you want us to customize our material simply, by modifying the meanings of sample data, incorporating your terminology, etc, we will do that at no cost.

If you want us to create a course for you to cover certain topics which we teach in one of our standard courses we can do that cheaply or at no cost depending what you want.

If you want a truly customized course then the best way to do that is to pay us to come to your facility for a few days, interview you about your processes and problems and collect some data. We can agree on what skills would be most useful for your staff and build a course around your needs. We charge our normal consulting rates to do that but we don't take on projects outside of our expertise so we work quickly.

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