Python Boot Camp Predictive Modeling Track

The goal of data science is to enable organizations to create incremental value through the analysis of data resulting in increased productivity, reduced cost, faster decisions, improved customer satisfaction or reduced risk. The journey from real world data to value generating insights is often very convoluted. It takes years of experience for a Data Scientist to obtain the necessary skills and experience to consistently build effective predictive modeling data products and there is a growing demand for Data Scientists who have advanced beyond this learning curve. Our Predictive Analytics Modeling Boot Camp will accelerate you forward along the path to building real world predictive analytic data products.

At this boot camp all your data science knowledge will come together as you build a working predictive analytical model using Python alongside an experienced instructor. The process of extracting value from data will be learned as you execute a  comprehensive methodology for creating effective data products. Each step of the process will be covered in depth, demonstrating best practices and equipping you with the necessary tools for each task; specifying the business objectives, retrieving, analyzing, preparing and visualizing the data, creating a predictive model, evaluating and validating the model, and putting your data product into production. Everything you absorb will be reinforced as you build a working predictive analytical model which can later be used to demonstrate your data science expertise.

Taking your data science skills to the next level to improve your productivity and employment prospects.

Learning by Doing — hands on experience with each step of the process while building a working predictive data product.

Whether you are currently studying in the field of Data Science, aspiring to play a key role on a Data Science team or are already a Data Scientist, this boot camp will dramatically enhance your real-world data science knowledge and skills while expanding your career prospects.

Value-Train has partnered with AnovaAnalytics to bring you both the R and Python boot camp series.

Python Boot Camp Program Details

  • Pre-Requisites +

    • The Python boot camp assumes you already have at least an intermediate understanding of Python and sta tisti cs.   
    • Coding –For the basic boot camp (the first 4 weeks), you need to have basic programming skills and have used Python at a basic level, perhaps in an entry level

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  • What You'll Learn +


    Module I:  Intro to Data Science   (4 classes)

    Dataset Loading Utilities

      General dataset API

      Toy datasets

      Sample images

      Sample generators

      Datasets in svmlight / libsvm format

      The Olivetti faces dataset

      The 20 newsgroups text dataset

      Downloading datasets from the

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  • Course Logistics +

    Dates:  Every Saturday starting 9th of September 2017 (Excluding Holidays)

      - 2 Modules of 4 Saturday sessions of each, and a Capstone Project, 1 on 1 with Mentors

      - Each session is broken into 3-4 hours of topical concepts and presentations, followed by 1-2 hours of lab sessions. Financing may

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  • Other +

    INCLUDES : ( In addition to enhancing your skills & knowledge with real world data product experience )

    ♦  Access to a virtual machine  ready to use with Python, JupyterHub, all the data set files and all the packages you will need for the boot camp

    ♦ A generous  list of resources and instruc

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