Personal Tutored Course Option

Personal Tutored courses is a new way of delivering training on complex material. The advantages include a very flexible schedule format and low cost.

  • How Does it Work? +

    After you enroll, we send our course material, study guides and other information to you for printing. Printing at a copy center will cost around $10 for the three day courses to $50 for the black belt course.

    You read the material and do the exercises on your own schedule. When you need help or have questions about the material, email or call us to schedule a live, personal tutoring webinar session.

    We schedule a live, personal tutoring session. We expect you will need 1-3 of these live sessions for our three day courses, and more for the 15 day course.  You have no limit on the number of live sessions, we want your to succeed and be sure you are comfortable with the material as you prepare for your exam.

  • Why Use This Format? +

    The schedule is set by your ability to work on the material. You can start at any time.  No need to wait for a traditional class to form. Since there are no fixed classroom hours, you can do the work around your existing work or other schedules.

    You get personal tutoring when you need it.  No need to sit though lectures of stuff you already know, just do it for the things that confuse you. You get whatever time you need with the instructor and it's generally one on one time.  Which means you get YOUR questions answered, not someone else's.  Call us more frequently rather than less frequently.  It's better to get questions dealt with as they arise.

    You get your questions answered when they arise. Call us more frequently rather than less frequently.

    You never have to travel.  You can do the work at home, at the office, or on the road.

    The cost is reduced because there is no need to travel and stay in a hotel.   All of the Personal Tutored classes are priced at Atlanta prices.  Even for our Atlanta area students, the commuting time and cost savings will be a benefit.

    Same quality training, material and certification exams as the in-person classes.

    You can work together with others by online socializing through our alumni Yahoo and LinkedIn Groups and chat with the thousands of others who have taken the class.

    You can sign up with a friend or co-worker and form a mini-class and schedule your live sessions together.

  • Personal Tutor Course Self-Study Hints +

    Make a study schedule and stick to it.

    Leave your office or home if you have to.  Go to a library or anyplace other than your normal environment.

    If you could disappear for three days to do a traditional class, you can certainly disappear from your distractions for a few hours a day.

    Write your study times on your calendar and take no calls.

    Tell them you are in class (you are...) and can't be disturbed.

  • When Should I Consider Live, Synchronous Classroom Style Classes Instead? +

    When you have to get away from work and home to focus on the material.

    When you think it's very important to socialize with others before, during and after class.

    If you do not have the ability to study on your own.

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