• Enrollment +

    Enrollment in all Value-Train classes is provisional until payment is received. Provisional enrollments generally expire three days after you enroll by telephone or email unless payment is received. Regardless of how charming or important you are, under no circumstances will we 'hold' a seat for anyone without payment! It's the only way we can ensure that classes are full enough to keep our pricing reasonable.

  • Payment +

    You may pay for your Value-Train classes in any one of the following ways:


    PayPal (preferred and no extra charge): You can use this option by clicking on a 'buy now' button on the calendar. Or, if you have a PayPal account we can send you an electronic bill. If you don't have an account with them you can still pay with a credit card via their secure server.


    Credit Card, by telephone. Use this method if you want to charge a Black Belt course and you don't have a verified PayPal account because new customers can't charge that much via PayPal and getting 'verified' takes several days and a bit of a hassle.


    Personal Check: Enroll by email or telephone and mail a check. Click here for the mailing address. Be sure to let us know it's on the way or we won't know to hold a spot for you. Seats aren't confirmed until checks actually arrive so don't do this for enrollments close to class date.


    Cash: Not recommended but if it's burning a hole in your pocket, you can deliver it in person. Occasionally somebody wants to see the whites of our eyes first. We understand and won't take offense.

    We can not accept company purchase orders without special arrangements and even then, payment must be received before enrollment is confirmed.

  • Refunds +

    One of the ways we keep prices reasonable is to always hold full classes. As a result, all enrollments are non-refundable unless we cancel the class. If you are unable to attend a class you may transfer your enrollment to a future Value-Train class for a $25 transfer fee for each occurrence, regardless how innovative your excuse is for missing the class!

  • Waiting Lists +

    All students enrolled in a class are on a waiting list for openings in earlier classes. Your position on the list is the order in which payment was received. We don't keep separate waiting lists for full classes. Once a class is fully enrolled, we schedule another one.

  • Receipts +

    We don't normally send receipts just to save paperwork. Your canceled check or credit card statement is your receipt. However, should you need a Value-Train receipt, just ask and one will be provided.

  • Class Lists +

    We sometimes send all students in each class a list of the other students names and email addresses from their class. Please let us know in advance of the class if you don't want your information on this class list.

  • Re-Testing +

    For classes where we administer the examinations , if you fail the exam you are welcome to take it again at the next or any future class. You may do this a maximum up to two times. There is no charge to take the test again unless you spend an entire day in the class (see Repeating a Class below). If you don't like when the next class is, you may arrange to have your local library or school proctor a make-up exam. Most don't charge to do that but not all will do it.

  • Repeating a Class +

    If you wish to repeat one or more days of a class that you have previously paid for and attended, you may do so with our advance permission. We will only allow this if we have room for auditors in the next class. You may have to pay a daily fee if our training facilities charges us by the person but this is rare. You may elect to re-purchase a current manual if that has changed substantially.

  • Replacement Certificates +

    All Certificates are issued as high resolution, printable PDF files upon completion of a Value-Train certification class. If you lose your certificate within 60 days of the last day of class we will re-generate it and replace it for free upon request. After that click here to learn how to purchase a replacement.

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