For a list of references, please contact us by email.  We survey all of our students for program improvement ideas and, as a part of that, invite them to become references.  Only those students who explicitly agree to be contacted by prospective students are contacted.

For an even better reference approach, if you are an Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia or NJ area job seeker, ask around at any networking event and the chances are you will find someone who has attended our program or who knows someone who has.

Read What Students Are Saying

  • "Value-Train is a Great Service" +

    I don’t know if I ever thanked you before, but taking your class years ago really helped me. I found out about my last position ... from a posting on the Value-Train board. Having the Green Belt helped in landing that position ..., and it’s been great in helping me in the Product area as well. Value-Train is a great service, and I thank you so much for starting it.

    Bobby Morris, Value-Train Six Sigma Green Belt graduate, Atlanta, GA

  • "Your Course Helped Me Land This Job" +

    ...I am now a Quality Engineer at Engineered Fabrics Corporation in Rockmart GA. I was hired to work on the CH53K heavy lift helicopter program with Sikorsky Aircraft. My current lean project is with the blade ice mitigation systems for the V22 Osprey. Your course helped me land this job.

    Jim Smith, Value-Train Six Sigma Green Belt graduate, Atlanta, GA

  • "Your Class Truly Pays Off" +

    Hey Bill.... I had to write and say thank you for your Green Belt class and support..... When I took it as an undergraduate I was not too sure how valuable it will be but I have just finished interviewing and received a job offer for a Six Sigma role with a growing organization. Bill this position would not have been possible without your class.... Every interview I have had has made an offer because of my Green Belt........ It is very rare that an undergrad would get such a position.... Your class truly pays off....... If I had to I would do it again. Thanks again.

    Evans Kariuki, Value-Train Six Sigma Green Belt graduate, TN

  • "Learned More About the Concepts of Six Sigma in These 3 Days Than in the 3 Weeks of Training From Those Other Guys" +

    ...Thanks for doing this Bill. I thought I was sitting in just to see what my co-workers were exposed to but I learned more about the concepts of Six Sigma in these three days than in the three weeks of training I took from those other guys!

    Name Withheld, Value-Train Six Sigma Green Belt graduate, NC

  • "Your Prices Don't Gouge the Student" +

    I applaud your effort to "spread the word" about SPC, Bill - - we very badly need it in our business and our society, and you are spreading the gospel at prices that don't gouge the student...THANK YOU!!!

    Bill Caruso, Value-Train Six Sigma Green Belt graduate, Dallas, TX

  • "A Useful Qualification in my Recent Job Search" +

    ...I enjoyed the green belt class it has been a useful qualification in my recent job search.

    Name Withheld, Value-Train Six Sigma Green Belt graduate, Sr. VP, Philadelphia, PA

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"He is That Good"

I’d like to take a few moments to express my appreciation for the Green Belt course recently held in Dallas.  In short, the course material and the expert presentation by Bill Bentley exceeded my lofty expectations – by far! 

The course was exceptionally well-organized.  The course materials were extensive and of the highest quality. My book and notes will serve as excellent reference materials. 

Bill Bentley’s presentation was extraordinary.  He has a gift for making the complex both interesting and easy to understand. In addition, his generous use of practical examples helped to spark even greater interest in Six Sigma and relevant classroom discussion.  Bill’s presentation was so effective that students were often surprised to learn that it was a break or lunch time as opposed to most classes where students engage in clock-watching in anticipation these same breaks! He is that good.

The value of Value-Train is also exceptional. I was referred to Value-Train by a highly respected business professional. Prior to this referral, I had completed extensive research in comparing costs between different Six Sigma courses. Several “name” universities offer Green Belt certification training, but, at a cost of up to $2,300 for online training, this was a non-starter. Other online courses ranged from $400 up to $1,300.  Classroom training offered by other institutions was even more expensive.  Additionally, I was often unable to get information from these other institutions as to the sizes of their classes. Naturally, I preferred a smaller class.  The bottom line is that Value-Train offers top-notch training at a fraction of the cost of other classroom-type offerings and even far lower than virtually all of the available online courses.

In summary, the exceptional course organization and materials, powerful presentation by Bill Bentley, and truly affordable cost combine to make Value-Train an outstanding value for Six Sigma training.  Simply stated, this Green Belt course is the finest course I’ve ever taken and I am proud to give Bill Bentley and Value-Train my strongest possible endorsement.

R. Gavin Poston
Supply Chain Executive
Dallas/Fort Worth