Networking and Job Assistance

  • Class Attendance Lists +

    We send an attendance list to every Value-Train class that contains the first and last name and email address of each student in that class for networking purposes.

    Students can opt-out of this if they tell us prior to the end of class.

  • Process Improvement Special Interest Group +

    This is for Atlanta area residents only. It is a small group of professionals who are interested in process improvement (Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, Plan-Do-Check-Act, or any other similar discipline). We meet every month or two and have a self-training topic which we chose the previous month. Anyone who is an active participant in process improvement is welcome to join us HOWEVER.... this is a "participation only" group. You have to agree to take a leadership role of some type right from the start. That means lead a discussion topic, get us a room to meet at, etc. No audience members allowed! If you do process improvement regularly and live in the Atlanta area, send me an email with 4 related things you are willing to teach the group and 4 topics you would like to know more about and I'll contact you.

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